Today is the anniversary of Alison’s disappearance: September 1st.

theopinionatedgg: I read your post about the note that Jason saw. I think it's the exact handwriting that was seen on the envelope that A gave to Toby (the Any Time music sheet).

Ah thank you! I’ll look at that when i can and add it to the post! xx

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Wait what

Mona told us that Melissa and Wilden were the Queen of Hearts on the train in last Halloween’s episode.

Now, if you remember the guy didn’t want to go through with pushing Aria of the train. Melissa didn’t seem too shaken, she demanded that he came back and helped her. So, if that was Darren.. why did Jason have a wound?
We never see Melissa’s face. We here a girls voice at some point but it doesn’t mean it was Melissa. 
Bryce(Darren) is 6’2” and Drew(Jason) is 6’ 
Torrey(Melissa) is 5’7” although she could have been wearing heels, i doubt it. 
Although Jason having any part in the A team is a severe conflict considering his new show just got another season, it may have been a possibility at one point. 

I know whaT you did.

Okay, can we just talk about this for a second? 
It’s the note Jason woke up with after the night Alison disappeared. I haven’t looked into similar handwriting in the show because it’s almost two in the morning and i just don’t want to get into that and be awake until four, ok. Just look at it.
Now, we know Alison had a little tiff with Jenna and Garrett that night. She also made a completely normal and so not creepy tape with Ian. And let’s not forget her lovely chat with Byron. And at some point the NAT club+Jenna are in Alison’s room. Melissa bursts in yelling where is she?! like a maniac. It’s early morning so if a bit of this is off, just go with it, yolo ok.  
So, after that i assume that Jenna and Garret leave, Jenna’s all pissed about Alison having the video of her seducing Toby and what not, cool bye Jenna. Jenna at that point is blind which i fully believe because lol is she dead. Yeah totes let’s move along. They’re gone.
Melissa and Cece have to have a chat at some point, i’m assuming it’s after the little meeting in Alison’s room. Because they both just look pissed as fuck and are ready to kill a bitch. 
So to some up this little section, i’m just going to rule out Garret and Jenna in having something to do with Alison being buried. Garret seems to have never wanted this shit to happened, he was like the sympathetic kid in a gang and it just didn’t work out for him. And Jenna, well blind problems. 
We never see Ian leave the house. I understand he was friends with Jason but we don’t see him after that. Garrett left before him with Jenna, so did Melissa(when the hell did Cece even get there?) I don’t know if i believe Ian did anything but i doubt it considering how irrelevant he’s been the past couple seasons. He like never happened. 
Moving on, Mrs Grunwald/Grunswald’s?(idk it’s late and i’m tired) spidey senses are tingling so she rushes on over to find Alison reaching for her life, the almost-murderer just happens to not be anywhere around, ok. 

So she drives the in-shock Alison to the hospital, she gets out of the car for assistant with Alison and she vanishes. While i was going over this with the boyfriend i asked him what he thought the first place he’d go to would be. First he said the lake. I replied with oh yes i was just buried let’s go fishing, yolo. So his second, much more intelligent answer was her house. Third answer was the police station. 

Alison had yet to go to the cops about being harassed, her wits wouldn’t kick in now. So i assume she went home, the only person there would be Jason, right? So Jason was drunk/drugged up, yes. I get that. But if you see someone hurt whether you’re high as fuck and imagining a sack of flour is a baby you’re going to try to help.  

So let’s imagine Alison goes home, Jason sees her. She’s broken. Because well, she was just buried alive. She has no walls built up anymore, they’re broken. So, he helps her. He takes her somewhere. Where? I’m not sure. But what else would Jason have done? 
More importantly, why would A use Jason as bait like A used the girls?
Let’s be real here, the girls were put in danger so Alison would be lured closer to protect them. 
Alison disliked Jason, she didn’t care for him. He cared for her, i mean he was her big brother. He was supposed to look out for her.
Why else would Alison care that Jason was being harassed?
Unless he helped her, i don’t have another way to explain the note he received and why he would be used as bait. 


This really creeps me out.


I think that he does love Aria and I’m interested to see what has driven him to do some shady things, but I don’t think he’s a bad guy.

– Ian Harding  (via theprettiest-little-liar)
Can we just be honest here, if he loved Aria why would he be stalking down Alison. Literally makes no sense. None.
Anonymous: HA HA HA EZRA IS A

I still don’t think he’s head A. Wren makes so much more sense in that position. How does Ezra fund all of this shit if he didn’t have a job for quite some time. Wren is a “doctor” he has the best salary for that. 
Mona said to Wren that their friendship or whatever ended before she knew where his loyalty was. To me that seems like she was referring to Cece. If Ezra is involved at all, i think he’s undercover. I hope he is. In the Halloween episode we see him standing behind the girls looking just as confused as they are. 
Let’s just think about something for a second, if Ezra is actually head A he never loved Aria.
He basically went through hell, almost got himself put in jail just to use Aria to hunt done a girl he thought he got pregnant? Wren came out of no where, threw himself at Spencer multiple times and then tried to get with Hanna. He tried to get in. So hard. Ezra, not so much. Plus Aria is the neediest girlfriend i have ever seen, when they dated she was always with him. Always. If Ezra’s in on it and always has been, she has Aria. If he joined recently Aria wouldn’t know. A may have offered to help him with Malcolm. That’s the one thing other than Aria that he ever wanted.
If Wren isn’t bad we’ve entered a parallel universe.

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How did she land on a twisted leg and just get up and run swiftly. 
This is the same bullshit as when Ian was thrown in the church, i swear. 


I think ezra was the clown an he followed aria to see where they were going

Janel Parrish wrote to the actor that played the magician on twitter, i forget his name but it’s not Ezra.


I’m going to say this once:

Aria is not in danger. Any serious harm that comes to Aria will lead to a police investigation. A police investigation will lead to her parents telling about her and Ezra. That will lead to Ezra being questioned and then arrested on rape charges. 

Nothing bad can actually happen to Aria without there have repercussions for Ezra.

And as far as secrets go: all of her secrets revolve around her sordid affair with her teacher: Ezra.

He wouldn’t go to jail for rape but he still dated his student and would be fucked. Just totally fucked. 



I just had a crazy thought and I managed to make sense of it in my head. When we first saw the black veil lady in the S4 premiere, I remember thinking she looks awfully familiar. It finally hit me who she reminds me of…..



You are probably thinking what the hell?! Bare with…

Pretty Little Theories: Spencer and Emily?


Pretty Weird Theories (pretty-weird-theories.tumblr.com)
had a BRILLIANT theory earlier in the week that has rocked me!

Do you remember the scene this week when Emily and Spencer are trying to drive that old truck and they see something moving in the hay? So they dart out of the car and Emily…

In PLL 1x02, the song in the rain scene was “Fresh Pair Of Eyes”…now check this out…


Cause I want to be seen
With a fresh pair of eyes
The single white tree
In a black hood of disguise



Lol So I was bored and decided to talk to Cleverbot, I asked who redcoat was and well…

Red Coat used in the Season 4 promos





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